Can You Double Glaze Stained Glass Windows

Can You Double Glaze Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Within Double Glazing

Through new technology we can thoroughly get rid of the stained glass from the old wooden frame; repair it and then re-glaze it within our UPVC or Aluminium windows. If you find that your stained glasswork has actually deteriorated or weakened gradually, then we can bring back and keep the individuality of your property with our Stained Glass Double Glazing service.

Specialist Glass & Glazing In East Yorkshire

K Glazing is a glass and glazing business specialising in changing single, double or triple glazed windows, developing bespoke glass jobs and installing new glazed house improvements, additional free insight with Double Glazing East Yorkshire (

Our Glass Gives You The Best Performance All Year Round

Laminated and acoustic glass also minimize UV rays from the sun by 99%, to minimise the lightening and fading of materials and hardwood flooring.

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Now, through new innovation we can carefully eliminate the stained glass from the old wood frame; repair it and after that re-glaze it.

About Kingfisher Windows

Our windows accomplish PAS 024,2012 for Enhanced Security Performance, implying both the window and the lock need to resist any opportunistic attack.

Bespoke Stained Glass Windows To Fill Your Home With Colour

All work is performed by our stained glass artist Alistair McMillan ofSmashing Glass', who has decades of experience in this field.

Stained Glass For Today’S World

Individuals have paid a lot for the old stained glass item however it didn't constantly stand the test of time.

Laminated And Acoustic Glass

We just utilize the highest quality glass for our items and an A energy ranking is available.

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